Gated Security

Storage Werks will offer added security once construction is complete. We spared you the barbed wire, but your property will be stored nicely within a gated self storage location keeping your personal effects under lockdown 24/7. Only Storage Werks renters can enter the property using their private key code which is required entering and leaving their favorite new self-storage facility.


Video Surveillance

Inside each Storage Werks self storage location, your property will be under the watchful eye of a 24/7 video surveillance system, remotely access, and monitored to keep your property safe and sound.


Private Keypad Access

Visiting your prized possessions doesn’t have to feel like visitation day. Stop by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to access your belongings. Every new renter will be given a private code that will allow them to access their storage space whenever they darn well please. 


Drive-up Access

There’s nothing more tiring than carrying your belongings all around the facility. At Storage Werks, however, you can park your vehicle right outside your storage unit. That means you can unload straight into your unit. It saves you time! If you still need help moving heavy items, you can also borrow a dolly or handcarts for free. 


Online Storage Reservations and Rentals

The modern self-storage business wouldn't be complete without a fully integrated website that allows everyone to reserve or rent self storage online.  Storage Werks renters can rent or reserve a unit right here using any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Just find a Storage Werks self storage location near you, go to that locations storage unit rates page, and select the perfect self storage space that accomplishes your goals. 


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